Admissions for 2020-2021 are open now.


If you have questions about your application, contact us at tropicalcertificate@yale.eduPlease sign up for our mailing list for up-to-date information on the admissions process and application advice!



Priority admissions deadline: February 23, 2020
Final admissions deadline: March 20, 2020 (reviewed on a rolling basis ) - Extended to April 5, 2020.
If you have questions about your application, contact us at

In the meantime, we invite you to review this downloadable Application Checklist.

Materials must be uploaded to the electronic application. The letter of recommendation and scholarship applications must be submitted separately. Before you apply, please review the program dates and technical requirements to ensure you are able to complete the program.

  •  Application for admission to this program is an online process.
    • Please note: You must upload all documents and required materials to your application. Do not mail materials to the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies.
  •  We will contact you if we have any questions about your materials. Be sure to provide a current email address since will send all communications to the email address on your application form. 

Application files completed by the priority deadline are guaranteed to receive a review by the Admissions Committee. Applications and materials may still be submitted after the priority deadline, but no guarantee is given that the Committee will consider them. Therefore, we encourage serious applicants to submit all necessary materials prior to the February deadline.

Required Materials*

To apply to this program, you must submit:

* Please contact us for any questions and considerations about the application materials

  1. Completed online application form
  2. Scanned or electronic transcript (official or unofficial)
    •  The transcript should demonstrate completion of a four-year bachelor’s degree in any subject from an accredited U.S. college or university or the international equivalent.
    •  Applicants with a three-year degree from an accredited international institution are eligible to apply. 
    •  Please provide a translation for transcripts in languages other than English. 
    •  We will consider waiving the transcript requirement on a case-by-case basis for individuals with significant professional experience (at least 10 years) or for whom it would be a significant burden to obtain a transcript from their institution.
  3. Résumé or curriculum vitae
  4. Personal statement and two short-response statements (see application for details)
  5. One letter of support
    •  A letter from an academic or professional supervisor is preferred. We are looking for letters from individuals who can evaluate your scholarship, professional activities, leadership skills and career goals.
    •  A letter from family or friends is not acceptable.
    •  It is your responsibility to contact your recommender and inform that individual that, after you submit your application, the ELTI Online Certificate Program will be contacting them with the link and directions for submitting the letter of recommendation. The recommender will have two weeks to submit the letter. 

Optional Materials

The following materials may be uploaded to support your application, but are not required. Individuals who do not have the following materials will not be penalized.

Applicants may choose to submit:

  1. Documentation of coursework additional to a four-year bachelor’s degree or equivalent
  2. Official TOEFL or IELTS test score reports
    • Participants must have a high proficiency in English in order to learn from the written and recorded presentations, complete written assignments and engage in thoughtful discussion with peers and instructors during live sessions.
    • If you have standardized language scores demonstrating English proficiency, you may submit your score reports to accompany your application. This material is not required.

Yale University's Nondiscrimination Statement

The University is committed to basing judgments concerning the admission, education and employment of individuals upon their qualifications and abilities and affirmatively seeks to attract to its faculty, staff and student body qualified persons of diverse backgrounds. In accordance with this policy and as delineated by federal and Connecticut law, Yale does not discriminate in admissions, educational programs or employment against any individual on account of that individual's sex, race, color, religion, age, disability, status as a protected veteran or national or ethnic origin; nor does Yale discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression.



To participate in the program, you will need consistent access to:

  • A computer, laptop, or tablet capable of playing audio and video
  • Internet connection (recommended speed at least 600 kbps)
  • A web camera
  • A headset with a microphone
  • Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel (or equivalent programs)

Equipment and software are the responsibility of the participant and will not be provided by Yale University. 

Read more about Technical Requirements.

Technical Support

All participants will receive access to technical support related to the use of the course platform and software.